about me

Hi, I’m Jonathan and as I started MenTool Kit up I guess you may want to know a little about me.

Most of my 20s and early 30s were spent on improving and finding myself. I would say this is a life long journey, but it was more so in those years. This involved lots of reading, experiencing and just being, in order to learn as much as I could. The older I got, the more I became interested in sharing this others and helping people the best I could. I became a Level 2 Pilates matwork instructor to be able to help people physically (which then reflects in mental well being), a Level 2 Reiki Seichem healer to help people energetically and a Mindfulness based CBT therapist to help people’s minds. It is a lifelong learning journey with workshops and training regularly being attended in all manner of modalities.

Even with all this I still felt that something wasn’t quite right. In Pilates I loved getting guys involved as it’s often seen as a female orientated exercise system (even though it was invented by a man). I would go to well-being events and see women talking about empowerment and setting up groups and again it didn’t feel right to me. I believed men need this just as much as women. In fact, when you look at suicide rates for example, you could say that men now actually need this more!!!

So this is why I set up MenTool Kit. It’s time for men to connect to one another more deeply, time to support one another and time to grow together. We can evolve the modern man together!

Kind words

  • There is a huge market for something like this & Jonathan is the best guy to put it together! Pilates, talks, connecting with like minded-men... way to go!

  • Jonathan has an open and enquiring mind and is always aiming to be the best version of himself. How fantastic to have a page that not only helps men but shares in the growth of our conscious humanity.

  • An open modern man holding space for modern men to open.

  • Great space to be and have open honest talks with men on a similar wavelength.

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