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MenTool Kit Meet

A weekly organic gathering for men to share and care.

Masculinity and the roles of men in society are changing at a rapid rate and it could be said the old modality is no longer working. So with this in mind, this group is to create a safe and open space for men to talk and support one another in any way necessary. Meetings will be totally organic, so possibly quite varied each week. It will be an open and respectful environment where you are completely safe to share. In return if it is needed/wanted, the group will be there to support and guide. Some weeks may be based around a particular topic, some may be assisting or learning from just one person, or we may all get to share our feelings.

Over time the group will not only help men get more in touch with their inner selves, but provide a solace in our often hectic lives.

Water is available on site, but please feel free to bring any other refreshments. The meetings are free, with a donation if you feel it is suitable. Once the cost of the room hire is covered, any additional money will be donated to charity.

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 The Loft (Above Little Dippers), Upper Gardner Street, Brighton, BN1 4AN

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